Microsoft is pushing out a large Windows update It's called the "April" edition and there are things to know.


  • It takes a long time to install. Don’t force a restart.
  • We have seen various issues crop up after the install.
    • Computer is no longer bootable. Windows starts in Repair Mode.
    • Shared drives no longer accessible.
    • For those with Windows 7 games installed, they need to be re-installed.
    • Some aspects of Outlook no longer functioning.
    • Windows Live Mail missing contacts or all the mail.
    • Etc.

The biggest mistake we see is a forced restart of Windows due to impatience while the update is installing. There is nothing that can be done after the update starts.

Just wait it out.

We have found the update will typically finish the upgrade, with some exceptions where Windows will no longer boot properly. 

So far any issues that have cropped up are repairable without reloading from scratch. 

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