Change is a computers worst enemy Change nothin' and nothin' changes.

Contrary to popular belief, computer’s are very reliable.

I’ll wait for the laughter to subside a bit…

Computer hardware doesn’t change, or at least changes slowly. Some things do wear out such as fans, mechanical hard drives and even the electronics, but not to the degree automobiles wear out, for example.

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Printers – Love Hate Hater-er The paperless office isn't here yet

Yup. This is a long article because there is so much to discuss. We put as much as possible in bullet point form to make it easier to digest, along with recommendations.

For numerous reasons, we have not reached the point where paper is no longer needed, not even close. Paper is still a cheap and reliable form of storage and backup. It lasts for decades or more with zero maintenance. Got a birth certificate from 50 years ago? Sure, just open the manila file folder in this 100 year old file cabinet and there it is.

That same birth certificate, stored on a computing device at the same time, if it was stored at all, would be impossible to retrieve in the same manner.

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