Information about Dell Laptops A Sauve's Guide to Buying a Dell Laptop

We recommend Dell for all your laptop needs. There are a wide variety of choices (almost too many), so we’re offering tips on how to purchase a new Dell laptop. 

You can also decide to purchase a different brand using our basic recommendations. Any laptop that satisfies our minimum requirements will perform well. Dell, when combined with their extended on-site warranty, has better support than other brands. 

Dell offers several core model lines to start out with. Read on for information and buying recommendations.

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Convert to the Chrome Browser Change from Internet Explorer to Chrome

Internet Explorer is outdated and starting to not work when viewing more modern websites. 

Both Chrome and Internet Explorer do the same thing – show you websites.

The problem is the Internet Explorer may not show the website properly. All Windows computers come with Internet Explorer pre-installed. Our recommendation is to use Chrome for viewing websites and retiring Internet Explorer. 

However, to add to the confusion, we still see some old websites not showing in the more modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Because of that, we don’t remove Internet Explorer. We just ignore it and use it on an as-needed basis.

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