Desktops Computers Designed for ease of use, long life, and pre-configured.

Image of our desktop computer and monitor


Our desktop computers are built in-house. We control what components are used and just as importantly, what software is or is not installed.

There are no warranties to manage or registration to file. We take care of all “after the sale” support.

We offer pre-configured desktop computers. There is no setup needed on your part. We offer additional services if needed such as Consulting and data transfer.

Our goal is to deliver a computer where the final step is to simply plug it in. 


We no longer offer custom built laptops for sale at this time. However, we invite your to our laptop recommendation page that outlines the services we offer including consulting

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us at (920) 794-7221, send us an email, or just stop in and chat. We start with a simple sit-down and talk things over.

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