Guide to Purchase a Dell Laptop Step By Step Instructions Outlining a Dell Laptop Purchase

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Below are steps to take regarding the purchase of a Dell laptop.

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4 Ways to buy a Dell laptop.

  • Call Dell direct
    • 1-800-BUY-DELL (1-800-289-3355 )
    • Have our recommendations in hand and start your discussion.
  • Buy online at the Dell website.
    • Check out our step by step instruction below this section for tips about navigating the Dell website. 
  • Buy locally such as OfficeMax or BestBuy.
    • Arm yourself with our recommendations and accept nothing less!
    • Our investigation showed that often time the local vendors’ laptops do not fully satisfy our requirements, sometimes lacking the Solid State Drive  (SSD) and memory capacity. It must have an SSD – no hybrids, no dual hard drive. SSD only. 100% SSD and only SSD. Clear?
    • One OfficeMax Dell laptop perfectly satisfies our basic recommendations for home use.
  • Sauve’s – We offer a recommendation service to help you decide. The Dell website can be over-whelming, so we offer a simplified ordering process. We will talk with you about what your needs are and send you a quote. From there you can contact Dell and order that exact quote.

Purchase a Dell Laptop Using the Dell Website

  1. Start here.
    • You will see the various base models.
    • Latitude and Inspiron are for most users.
      • Latitude is recommended because of the higher build quality.
      • Inspiron is typically for home users.
    • XPS and Precision are for advanced use. 
      • The build quality is similar.
      • Precision is recommended for very high end business use.
      • XPS is recommended for high end home use.
  2. After selecting, you will see the series models available. We like to start by selecting the screen size in the 5000 series line. Our normal screen size recommendation is 15″.
  3. You may be asked to “fine tune” model selection. Select a model that represent your price range to start with. An example would be selecting Latitude > 15″ > 5590.
  4. You will now see all the configurations available for that model.
    • Check if the models match our recommendations. This is where things get a bit overwhelming.
    • You can “Refine the search” using the selection boxes at the top to select “must haves”, such as an SSD. Plug in our required features where possible and see what shows up. The number of model available shrinks pretty quick.
  5. Once you make a selection, you may change options that are available for this specific model. Some options cannot be changed.  
    • There are 3 main sections of options, located on the left side.
      • Customize – Opens By Default
      • Support and Services
      • Software and Accessories
    • The selected options should match our minimum recommendations. 
      • Quick List of Recommendations.
        • 15″ Screen Size
        • i5 Processor
        • 8 GB of RAM
        • Solid State Drive (SSD – 128GB or 250GB)
        • Dual-Band Wireless Capable
        • Mic and Camera Built In
        • Windows 10 Home or Pro
        • 3yr ProSupport Next Business Day OnSite Support Warranty.
        • Possibility: Touch Screen Capable.
        • Possibility: Built-In CD\DVD
    • Things to make note of.
      • Whatever model you choose, it MUST USE A “100% SOLID STATE DRIVE”. 
      • As of this writing, using a 7th Generation processor or 8th is fine.
      • Built-in CD\DVD’s are getting rare. 
      • Check the “Customize” section whether or not it’s Touch Screen capable and that it matches what you desire. 
      • Some options match our recommendations but offer bigger and better performance, such as the faster version of Solid State Drive or faster processor. Bigger is always better, but it costs more and you may not need the capability. But it won’t hurt anything other than your wallet.
    • A word about the extended warranty. Other than an SSD drive, we strongly recommend the extended warranty on laptops over $600. It’s located in the section called “Support and Services” > ProSupport. The selection we think carries the most value is “3 Years ProSupport with Next Business Day OnSite Support“. The cost typically hovers around $175. If the laptop will be hitting the road a lot or for extended periods of time, you want OnSite service. If something with the hardware fails, they come to you to fix it.
  6. Finally, at the upper right corner, click the green “Add to Cart”.
    1. Review the selections to make sure it’s correct.
      • What happens next will vary, but we offer the following steps.
    2. Click “Accessories” at the bottom and review the selections. 
    3. Review yet more options then click “Next Step: Cart.
    4. Final review prices and options, then click “Check Out”.
    5. If you have an account with Dell, log in now with it. You probably do not so you may purchase the laptop as a guest with no login or create a Dell account. We strongly recommend creating a Dell account if you are purchasing this product on your own. 
    6. From now on, it’s a normal online product purchase. 

This page is part of a series of pages outlining various aspects of laptops

Laptop Recommendation Page ( Start here if not already done so )
< Laptop Terminology FAQ’s ( You are looking at this page )
Dell Information Page 
< Dell Consulting Services
< Dell Purchase Page ( You are looking at this page )

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