In-home or On-site Services Sometimes remote or in-shop services won't do.

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Although we prefer to service equipment in the shop or remotely, sometimes a service call is required for any number of reasons:

  • Remote access to the failing computer doesn’t work.
  • The computer may be ‘offline’, meaning it has no Internet connection.
  • The Internet connection may be poor to the point of being unusable for remote work.
  • The computer may need to be configured or physically moved on-site.
  • Booting Windows in other modes may be required, making remote service impossible.
  • Instructions over the phone may not be understood.
  • There may not be an issue with the computer at all but with external devices, such as printers, modems, and routers.
  • It may be too burdensome to bring the computer into the shop.
  • The computer may run other equipment that cannot be transported with the computer.
  • And so on…

We try and minimize on-site service because it’s the most expensive form of repair. When we remote into a computer or service it in the shop, we can often work on other computer systems while your computer is busy doing things that take time to complete:

  • Booting
  • Downloading
  • Install or uninstalling
  • Updating
  • Scanning
  • Testing

A more detailed article about time consuming tasks can be found here.

There may be an instance while on-site where we can allow the computer to complete a task while we attend to other service calls, then come back to finish the service.

Sometimes, after arrival on-site, we determine that it would be better to bring the computer back to the shop and perform the service there, then return it. We may also be able to perform some of the work remotely and some on-site. Using a hybrid approach to the service can maximize efficiency and thoroughness while minimizing cost.

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