Quickies-2 5 current issues we are seeing.

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Currently we are seeing the following issues, some of which are constant.

  • Forgotten passwords. This tends to be a constant thing. Might we recommend an article with tips on password management?
  • Impatience when updates are being installed. We are finding people lose patience and shut down their machines right in the middle of the upgrade. This will often times cause Windows to not boot anymore.
  • Overall slow performance. The solution is upgrading to an SSD drive. The software being used and updated has become extremely large and demanding.
  • Email problems with Charter customers. Charter wants you to use their webmail to read and manage your email. The issue we are finding is with client software such as Outlook and Windows Live Mail suddenly not working correctly with Charter’s email service. Check out this article on email recommendations and this one about changing your email provider. 
  • Quite a few people purchased tablets years ago and they have worked for some time. They don’t get replaced nearly as often as phones. However, the oldest tablets are starting to signs of age. The symptoms are slow overall operation and apps that will no longer work on their vintage tablet.

That’s it for now!

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