Recycling and Sanitizing Services We can securely dispose, recycle, or sanitize your computer electronics.

Collage of old computer equipment for recycling.

Electronic disposal used to be easy. Place it on a curb where one of two things happened:

  • Someone grabs it for their own use.
  • The trash collecting service takes it to parts unknown.

With electronics, that no longer works.

In today’s world, electronic devices have to collected and professionally recycled or disposed of. Often times cities and counties will have a recycling day ranging in cost from free to some type of charge for select items.

We offer computer related equipment disposal services. We disassemble everything down to their components, deliver them to the proper recycling locations, and destroy anything that holds data at no extra charge.

What We Take In

  • We can dispose of computers, printers, monitors and miscellaneus computing devices.
  • “Disposal” destroys the device, meaning we do not resell it as a used device.
  • Disposal includes physical hard drive destruction.
  • We can recovery or preserve data if requested before disposal.

What does “Sanitizing” mean?

Instead of disposing of the computing device, sometimes the request is made to delete all user data, but preserve the computer and programs so the client can be give or resell the computing device to another party. 

  • Sanitizing describes saving the clients data, erasing it on the computer, then returning a functioning computer to the customer without their personal data on the computer.
    • Commonly done when the customer wants to sell or give away a computer but remove their data first.
    • Preserves anonymity.
    • Recovered data is typically stored on a flash or external drive.
    • This is a service we offer for our customers. Sauve’s does not resell used computers slated for disposal or sanitizing.
  • Includes security erase, preventing any data recovery.

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