Remote Services We Offer Remote Repair Services For Quick, In-Home Service

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Sauve’s can use the Internet to work on your computer, avoiding the need to physically bring the computer into our shop or requiring a service call. As long as the Internet connection to the computer is working well enough, we can remote in and possibly repair the machine or at least determine what the problem may be.

Things to know

  • Your internet service must be working well enough to make a connection.
  • The computer must run well enough to be able to connect to the Internet.
  • We target the problem or question only and do not perform the same, complete service we would in the shop.
  • Billing is done using a mailed invoice or online from our home page.
  • Someone must be present at the keyboard to allow us in, unless a subscription was previously purchased, which removes the need to have someone present at the keyboard for us to remote in.
  • It starts with a phone call where we determine if a remote service is viable.

Typically a customer gives us a call and we ask them to download a program from our website that allows us to access their computer. In this scenario, the customer must be present at the computer and will be directed by us to download the remote access software. We offer a subscription program that can automate much of this.

Once the remote connection is made we can typically operate the computer as if we are sitting at the keyboard. The customer can watch everything that happens or simply walk away while our staff works on the issue.

Our subscription program is very common with our business clients, the elderly, or those who cannot be at the computer to allow us to remote in. We can also restart the machine remotely and re-connect after it reboots. The computer just has to be running and connected to the Internet for us to service it.

We encourage this way of connecting using our Senior Care program. For seniors and others with limited mobility or those that are simply too busy, the task of disconnecting, transporting, and reconnecting the computer after shop service can be burdensome. Running the one-time connection software can be confusing. Often times the task of supporting elderly parents’ computer relies on relatives and neighbors with limited time.

We can offer assistance using our subscription program with unattended remote services, among other things.

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