Senior Care Services Limited mobility is an issue we can address for those that need it.

Image showing two seniors frustrated with their laptop.

Mobility can be an issue and family and friends may be unavailable or not knowledgeable enough to address normal, day to day, computer issuess.

Because of that we offer the following services

When possible, the most economical route to take is in-shop or remote service. Remote service requires a functioning Internet connection and a phone call to us in order to start the connection process from us to you. We then direct the client to install software that allows us to remote into the computer. You do not have to know how to do this – we will direct you. We also offer a subscription service where we can set up the computer so this process can be automated.

Once we have a connection established, we can typically run the computer as if we are sitting in front of it. The client can observe everything that’s happening if they wish or just walk away until the service is complete.

We offer something called ‘Unattended Remote Access’ as part of a subscription service. All that’s required is a computer working well enough to connect to the Internet. No one has to be present to allow service to begin. We can access the computer at any time when service is requested as long as the computer is running and connected to the Internet. The subscription service is focused on ease of use and rapid service. It requires trusting Sauve’s that we will not access the computer without permission.

There are times when a remote connection to the computer is simply not possible for any number of reasons and mobility makes it impossible to bring it in for service. For a case like this, in-home service or pickup and delivery may be an option.

If the computer requires in-shop service, our typical turn-around time is 24 hours, but we ask for 2-3 days whenever possible.  We will also offer priority service for emergencies as needed. There are some scenarios where the service time can be extended due to ordering of parts, rebuilding operating systems from scratch, recovering data, lost passwords, etc. We have a quick article about what things can cause delays servicing your computer.

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