Subscription Program An automated approach to remotely servicing your computers.

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We offer a program where we can remotely service computers at reduced rates. It’s a simple program made up of an annual subscription with the following benefits:

  • Unattended Remote Access service.
    • Allows us to remotely service the computer unattended. The only thing needed is that the computer be on and connected to a working Internet service.
  • 20% off all regular service charges.
    • 20% discount on regular labor charges for any remote service.
    • Additional parts and software are priced normally.
  • Cost is $2 per month – paid annually @ $24. This is per machine.
  • Great option for the elderly with limited mobility or a substitute for family, friends and neighbors without the time to help family members.
  • Does require an initial setup, but after that it’s completely automated with no user input required.

As always, we also offer in-home and pickup and delivery services if required.

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