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What we offer

What we do not offer

  • We no longer service or sell printers or replacement ink cartridges.
  • We do not sell computer parts, modems, and routers at the retail level. Will install those items, of course, as part of a normal service.

Who we are

Best of the Lakeshore Aware Winner
Best of the Lakeshore Winner.

Sauve’s ( pronounced so-vee’s ) has been under current ownership 45+ years. We are a multi-year, award winning business with countless training and manufacturer certificates issued over the course of our tenure. Previously, it was a toy store in downtown Two Rivers but converted to office equipment early on. Yes, Smith Corona and Remington!

The office equipment industry naturally evolved over time to fully embrace modern day computing, and Sauve’s evolved along with it. We currently have a selection of Sauve’s manufactured products and services along with a variety of retail products. We are able to customize our selection to client needs instead of the client adapting to generic, one size fits all, products and services.

Sauve's Corporate Headquarters

We always begin with consultation. It starts with simply asking what your computing needs are in plain language – no techno-babble. Requirements come first, then hardware and software is selected to match those requirements.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us at (920) 794-7221, send us an email, or just stop in and chat. We start with a simple sit-down and talk things over.

Again, no techno-babble allowed!

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